Good Debt vs. Bad Debt

When it comes to debt, many people are concerned with only one thing, how to stay away from it! Bad debt is debt which is unlikely to be recovered, or is very difficult to recover. This kind of debt comes with high interest rates, and is usually never on appreciating assets. Credit card debt is also considered to be a bad debt. Debt which you cannot recover or pay back can become a headache for you if it keeps piling up.

 However, not many people know is that there is both good debt and bad debt. What is good debt you ask, well,  mortgages often qualify as good debt. A mortgage is a loan to buy a home. The reason this qualifies as good debt is that it is often available at the lowest possible rates, it represents good investments, as the investment usually appreciates in value, and it makes home ownership possible for many people who could otherwise not afford it.

Investing in good real estate and finding homes in the Greater Toronto Area, with high appreciation rates, puts your home into a win-win situation.  In order to do this you will have to keep an eye on the market  watch, and see where the most appreciation in homes is happening, within your affordability range. For your real estate needs whether it be for your personal use or investment purposes, a real estate agent can be the best guide, to help you find properties in the area(s) which you are most interested in.  

If you have equity in your home, then you can turn your  bad debt into good debt. Moving your high interest debt into a lower rate mortgage can help you get rid of you bad debt. Finding the right mortgage will enable you to establish yourself with positive credit worth. It is understandable that the mortgage process can be intimidating to many Canadian homebuyers.The best way to lower your level of anxiety,  is to get advice from a mortgage professional that can represent you and ensure you have a mortgage which best suits your needs. With the right mortgage, you will be able to reduce your overall costs, improve your cash flow, and rebuild your credit rating.

Sudha Verma

Tips on Keeping the Air Quality Pure within your Home

When it is cold outside, you spend most of your time indoors. That is why it is important to understand the environment and air circulation inside your home. It should be pure for you to breathe in. I would like to give you some information on the indoor air quality of your home

In order to improve the air quality it is important for you to have a good level of ventilation. This must be ascertained and established specifically for your home. Be aware of all possible air pollutants inside your home such as the stove, heating systems, air purifiers, ducts, and even cleaning products. Heating and other systems must be operating at a safe capacity.  It is also equally important to maintain your furnace filter regularly and get it changed as needed.

Your family's health should be the top priority for you. Tips on naturally and easily enhancing the air quality inside your home should include fresh plants in your kitchen, keeping your floors clean, reducing the use of harsh chemicals for cleaning, and keeping a healthy level of humidity inside the home. These little tips will surely make a difference and will keep you and your family in the best of health.

Sudha Verma
Broker at Century 21 Leading Edge

Why Sell with a Realtor

Anyone can buy the tool and parts, however if you consider repairing a car or machine you do need the knowledge, training,  and experience to professionally get the job done. Besides, there are several experienced professionals around us to do work for us.

There is also an excellent choice of Real Estate professionals to help you sell your home. You might be tempted to save commissions, by trying to sell your house on your own. Selling your home is a complex procedure; it requires a tremendous debt of knowledge and experience, as well as a substantial amount of time to follow up on each detail promptly and properly. Your Realtor would possess the qualities and experience to help you sell your home and also find your new home.

The questions you need to ask yourself if you are still planning to go about it alone are:

  1. Will you really save commission?

Buyers equate "For Sale by Owner" sign with a bargain expecting you to sell for a discount because you are saving on commission, as a result they offer you less than the market value.

  1. Do you have the time?

Without  Realtor support, how much time will you be able to invest considering you will have to write and pay for advertising to market, run open houses, remain available day and night, fill out paper work and dozens of other things required to sell a home. And what is time worth?

  1. How will you reach potential buyers?

With your "For Sale" sign outside your house,  your house will be marketed to your neighbors and/or people who happen to pass buy. With a Realtor, your home receives far reaching market exposure through the Multiple Listing Services system (MLS) and could reach Realtors and potential buyers with more exposure. This could find you a buyer who is willing to pay your price.

  1. Do you know the real market value of your home?

Setting a sales price could be the most critical and difficult step in this process which requires extensive knowledge and training of market analysis.  A Realtor's most important will is helping you decide a price that meets your sales objectives.

  1. How are you at selling and negotiating?

Selling Real Estate is different,  very few people know how to complete the sale successfully through firm and impartial negotiation.

  1. Are you up to date on Real Estate law?

Your Realtor knows how to help protect  you from the legal potential legal pitfalls and will work with you and your lawyer to help ensure your interests are properly protected.

Let a Realtor help you sell your home. The process of selling a house  is too complex, too time consuming, and too dangerous without the help of a professional. You should be working with a licensed Real Estate professional to sell your home. One who is a member of Ontario Real Estate Association- entails an exceptionally broad range of services and benefits unavailable to do it yourself or to those who sell with partial assistance.

I have been working with century 21 Leading Edge Realty Inc, for many years and with my experience as your Realtor will help you make sure the proper documentation is finalized and sent to the lawyers, that both parties meet their obligations in fulfilling any conditions to the offer. Also, your questions and concerns are dealt with to your complete satisfaction. From the moment you put you house on the market until the proceeds from the sale are in your bank, you can count on me- Your Realtor's- support at every step of the way.

Sudha Verma
Century 21 Leading Edge Realty.   


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